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Pokemon Lets Go Seafoam Islands

Pokemon Lets GO Seafoam Islands
Seafoam Islands

Pokemon Let's Go Seafoam Islands Pokemon

List of Pokemon you can find in Seafoam Islands with the Spawn Chance Rate Encounter for each Pokemon. Seprated by the Encounter Type Normal, Water, Sky and also the Floor Level of the area.

[Click/Tap any of the pokemon you see to view more information about them such as Moves, Spawn Locations, Stats and more.]

PokemonSpawn ChanceLevelsEncounterFloor
Magikarp 30%39-44water4
Magikarp 30%39-44water5
Magikarp 30%39-44water6
Magikarp 30%39-44water7
Shellder 30%39-44water4
Shellder 30%39-44water5
Shellder 30%39-44water6
Shellder 30%39-44water7
Tentacool 30%39-44water4
Tentacool 30%39-44water5
Tentacool 30%39-44water6
Tentacool 30%39-44water7
Golbat 20%39-44normal1
Golbat 20%39-44normal2
Golbat 20%39-44normal3
Golbat 20%39-44normal4
Golbat 20%39-44normal5
Golbat 20%39-44normal6
Golbat 20%39-44normal7
Seel 20%39-44normal1
Seel 20%39-44normal2
Seel 20%39-44normal3
Seel 20%39-44normal4
Seel 20%39-44normal5
Slowpoke 20%39-44normal1
Slowpoke 20%39-44normal2
Slowpoke 20%39-44normal3
Slowpoke 20%39-44normal4
Slowpoke 20%39-44normal5
Zubat 16%39-44normal1
Zubat 16%39-44normal2
Zubat 16%39-44normal3
Zubat 16%39-44normal4
Zubat 16%39-44normal5
Zubat 16%39-44normal6
Zubat 16%39-44normal7
Seel 15%39-44normal6
Seel 15%39-44normal7
Slowpoke 15%39-44normal6
Slowpoke 15%39-44normal7
Jynx 14%39-44normal1
Jynx 14%39-44normal2
Jynx 14%39-44normal3
Jynx 14%39-44normal4
Jynx 14%39-44normal5
Jynx 14%39-44normal6
Jynx 14%39-44normal7
Dewgong 10%39-44normal6
Dewgong 10%39-44normal7
Slowbro 10%39-44normal6
Slowbro 10%39-44normal7
Tentacruel 9%39-44water4
Tentacruel 9%39-44water5
Tentacruel 9%39-44water6
Tentacruel 9%39-44water7
Dewgong 5%39-44normal1
Dewgong 5%39-44normal2
Dewgong 5%39-44normal3
Dewgong 5%39-44normal4
Dewgong 5%39-44normal5
Slowbro 5%39-44normal1
Slowbro 5%39-44normal2
Slowbro 5%39-44normal3
Slowbro 5%39-44normal4
Slowbro 5%39-44normal5
Cloyster 1%39-44water4
Cloyster 1%39-44water5
Cloyster 1%39-44water6
Cloyster 1%39-44water7
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal1
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal3
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal4
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal5
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal6
Squirtle Rare Spawn39-44normal7

Pokemon Let's Go Seafoam Islands Master Trainers

Master trainers you can find in Seafoam Islands.

PokemonMaster TrainerLocation
Lv. 70 Seel AinaIn area
Lv. 75 Dewgong LoisIn area
Lv. 70 Dragonair ArjunIn area

TM Moves

There aren't any TM Moves in this area.

Pokemon Let's Go Seafoam Islands Items

Items list you can find in Seafoam Islands.

Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Ice Stone
Big Pearl
Escape Rope
Heart Scale
Pretty Wing
Super Lure
Super Repel
Hyper Potion
Ice Heal
Max Potion
Max Revive
X Speed