Pokemon Lets GO Route 6
Route 6

Pokemon Let's Go Route 6 Pokemon

List of Pokemon you can find in Route 6 with the Spawn Chance Rate Encounter for each Pokemon. Seprated by the Encounter Type Normal, Water, Sky and also the Floor Level of the area.

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PokemonSpawn ChanceLevelsEncounterFloor
Goldeen 45%11-16water1
Magikarp 45%11-16water1
Growlithe 20%11-16normal1
Pidgey 20%11-16normal1
Rattata 20%11-16normal1
Vulpix 20%11-16normal1
Jigglypuff 15%11-16normal1
Pidgeotto 10%11-16normal1
Psyduck 10%11-16normal1
Seaking 10%11-16water1
Abra 5%11-16normal1

Master Trainers

No master trainers can be found here.

TM Moves

There aren't any TM Moves in this area.

Pokemon Let's Go Route 6 Items

Items list you can find in Route 6.

Great Ball
Poké Ball
Parlyze Heal
Super Potion
Guard Spec.