Pokemon Lets GO Route 2
Route 2

Pokemon Let's Go Route 2 Pokemon

List of Pokemon you can find in Route 2 with the Spawn Chance Rate Encounter for each Pokemon. Seprated by the Encounter Type Normal, Water, Sky and also the Floor Level of the area.

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PokemonSpawn ChanceLevelsEncounterFloor
Spearow 60%03-56sky1
Spearow 60%03-56sky1
Magikarp 45%37-42water1
Magikarp 45%39-44water2
Magikarp 45%03-04water1
Magikarp 45%41-46water1
Magikarp 45%07-12water1
Magikarp 45%09-14water1
Poliwag 45%03-04water1
Poliwag 45%41-46water1
Poliwag 45%09-14water1
Tentacool 45%37-42water1
Tentacool 45%39-44water2
Tentacool 45%07-12water1
Fearow 40%03-56sky1
Fearow 40%03-56sky1
Magikarp 30%37-42water1
Pidgey 30%03-04normal1
Pidgey 30%03-08normal2
Pidgey 30%07-12normal1
Pidgey 30%09-14normal1
Rattata 30%03-04normal1
Spearow 30%03-04normal1
Staryu 30%37-42water1
Tentacool 30%37-42water1
Venonat 30%07-12normal1
Venonat 30%09-14normal1
Bellsprout 20%03-04normal1
Bellsprout 20%07-12normal1
Bellsprout 20%09-14normal1
Meowth 20%07-12normal1
Meowth 20%09-14normal1
NidoranF 20%03-04normal1
NidoranM 20%03-04normal1
Oddish 20%03-04normal1
Oddish 20%03-08normal2
Oddish 20%07-12normal1
Oddish 20%09-14normal1
Pidgeotto 20%37-42normal1
Psyduck 20%07-12normal1
Psyduck 20%09-14normal1
Raticate 20%37-42normal1
Rattata 20%03-04normal1
Rattata 20%03-08normal2
Nidorina 19%41-46normal1
Nidorino 19%41-46normal1
Caterpie 15%03-04normal1
Caterpie 15%03-08normal2
Fearow 15%41-46normal1
Tangela 15%37-42normal1
Weedle 15%03-04normal1
Weedle 15%03-08normal2
Exeggcute 14%41-46normal1
Weepinbell 14%37-42normal1
Bellsprout 10%37-42normal1
NidoranF 10%41-46normal1
NidoranM 10%41-46normal1
Pidgey 10%37-42normal1
Poliwhirl 10%03-04water1
Poliwhirl 10%41-46water1
Poliwhirl 10%09-14water1
Rattata 10%37-42normal1
Spearow 10%41-46normal1
Tentacruel 10%07-12water1
Tentacruel 9%37-42water1
Gyarados 5%37-42water1
Gyarados 5%39-44water2
Tentacruel 5%37-42water1
Tentacruel 5%39-44water2
Exeggutor 1%41-46normal1
Nidoking 1%41-46normal1
Nidoqueen 1%41-46normal1
Starmie 1%37-42water1
Victreebel 1%37-42normal1
Vileplume 1%37-42normal1
Articuno Rare Spawn03-04normal1
Articuno Rare Spawn41-46normal1
Articuno Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Articuno Rare Spawn09-14normal1
Charizard Rare Spawn37-42normal1
Charizard Rare Spawn03-04normal1
Charizard Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Charizard Rare Spawn09-14normal1
Dragonite Rare Spawn37-42normal1
Dragonite Rare Spawn03-04normal1
Dragonite Rare Spawn41-46normal1
Dragonite Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Dragonite Rare Spawn09-14normal1
Lapras Rare Spawn39-44water2
Moltres Rare Spawn03-04normal1
Moltres Rare Spawn41-46normal1
Moltres Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Moltres Rare Spawn09-14normal1
Squirtle Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Squirtle Rare Spawn09-14normal1
Zapdos Rare Spawn03-04normal1
Zapdos Rare Spawn41-46normal1
Zapdos Rare Spawn07-12normal1
Zapdos Rare Spawn09-14normal1

Pokemon Let's Go Route 2 TM Moves

TM Moves you can find in Route 2.

TMMove Name
TM15Seismic Toss
TM16Thunder Wave
TM35Ice Punch

Pokemon Let's Go Route 2 Items

Items list you can find in Route 2.

Great Ball
Poké Ball
Ultra Ball
Leaf Stone
Water Stone
Heart Scale
Max Repel
Hyper Potion
Super Potion
X Sp. Def
Golden Nanab Berry
Golden Pinap Berry
Golden Razz Berry
Razz Berry