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Pokemon Lets Go Cerulean Cave

Pokemon Lets GO Cerulean Cave
Cerulean Cave

Pokemon Let's Go Cerulean Cave Pokemon

List of Pokemon you can find in Cerulean Cave with the Spawn Chance Rate Encounter for each Pokemon. Seprated by the Encounter Type Normal, Water, Sky and also the Floor Level of the area.

[Click/Tap any of the pokemon you see to view more information about them such as Moves, Spawn Locations, Stats and more.]

PokemonSpawn ChanceLevelsEncounterFloor
Magikarp 45%51-56water1
Magikarp 45%51-56water3
Poliwag 45%51-56water1
Poliwag 45%51-56water3
Golbat 20%51-56normal2
Graveler 20%51-56normal2
Golbat 15%51-56normal1
Golbat 15%51-56normal3
Golduck 15%51-56normal1
Golduck 15%51-56normal3
Graveler 15%51-56normal1
Graveler 15%51-56normal3
Lickitung 15%51-56normal2
Chansey 10%51-56normal2
Geodude 10%51-56normal1
Geodude 10%51-56normal3
Lickitung 10%51-56normal1
Lickitung 10%51-56normal3
Rhydon 10%51-56normal2
Rhyhorn 10%51-56normal1
Rhyhorn 10%51-56normal2
Rhyhorn 10%51-56normal3
Poliwhirl 9%51-56water1
Poliwhirl 9%51-56water3
Ditto 5%51-56normal1
Ditto 5%51-56normal2
Ditto 5%51-56normal3
Geodude 5%51-56normal2
Psyduck 5%51-56normal1
Psyduck 5%51-56normal3
Rhydon 5%51-56normal1
Rhydon 5%51-56normal3
Zubat 5%51-56normal2
Poliwrath 1%51-56water1
Poliwrath 1%51-56water3
Snorlax Rare Spawn51-56normal3

Master Trainers

No master trainers can be found here.

TM Moves

There aren't any TM Moves in this area.

Pokemon Let's Go Cerulean Cave Items

Items list you can find in Cerulean Cave.

Great Ball
Poké Ball
Ultra Ball
Escape Rope
Max Lure
Max Repel
Full Heal
Full Restore
Max Elixir
Max Revive
Dome Fossil
Helix Fossil
Golden Nanab Berry
Golden Razz Berry
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite Y
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite Y