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Pokemon Lets Go Kabutops

Kabutops Pokedex ID: 141
StatAmountBar Graph
Max CP495
Special Attack65
Special Defense70


Pokemon Let's Go Kabutops is a Rock and Water Type pokemon also known as a Shellfish Pokémon, first discovered in the Kanto region. it's weak against Fighting, Ground, Electric, Grass type moves and has a Max CP of 495, 60 HP, 115 Attack, 65 SP Attack, 105 Defense, 70 SP Defense and 80 Speed. Considering it's stats, the best nature to have is Adamant, this will increase it's Attack and decrease it's Sp. Atk stats.

Pokedex Entry

In the water, it tucks in its limbs to become more compact, then it wiggles its shell to swim fast.

Pokemon Lets Go Kabutops Evolutions

What level does Pokemon Let's Go Kabutops Evolve at?

The Unevolved Form Kabuto Evolves at level 40 into Kabutops.

40 Kabutops495

How to catch Kabutops in Pokemon Let's Go

How To Catch Kabutops will require you to go to Mt Moons bottom floor and get the Dome Fossil.
Note: If you choose the Dome Fossil, you wont be able to get the Helix Fossil (Omanyte).
To turn the Dome Fossil into a Kabuto, go to the Pokemon Lab on Cinnabar Island. Which can evolve into Kabutops.

Transferring and Catching

The type of Pokemon Candy you receive from Transferring and Catching Kabutops.

Best Nature for Kabutops

We recommend a Adamant Nature for Kabutops, you can visit Madam Celadon to force encounter pokemon of Adamant Nature.

NatureIncreasesDecreasesChoice 1Choice 2
AdamantAttackSp. AtkRedBlue

Pokemon Lets Go Kabutops Moves

Level Up Moves

Pokemon Let's Go Kabutops Moves You Learn From Leveling Up.

0SlashNormalPhysical7020100%Has an increased chance for a critical hit.
1Confuse RayGhostNone--10100%Confuses the target.
1FeintNormalPhysical3010100%only hits if the target used Protect or Detect in the same turn.
1HardenNormalNone--30--Raises the user's Defense by one stage.
1LeerNormalNone--30100%Lowers the target's Defense by one stage.
1ScratchNormalPhysical4035100%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
1ScreechNormalNone--4085%Lowers the target's Defense by two stages.
1SlashNormalPhysical7020100%Has an increased chance for a critical hit.
6HardenNormalNone--30--Raises the user's Defense by one stage.
12LeerNormalNone--30100%Lowers the target's Defense by one stage.
24Aqua JetWaterPhysical4020100%deals damage and has a priority of +1.Moves with a higher priority always go first.
30Rock ThrowRockPhysical501590%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
36Sand AttackGroundNone--15100%lowers the target's Accuracy by one stage.
45Rock SlideRockPhysical751090%Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
54Leech LifeBugPhysical2015100%Heals the user by half the damage inflicted.
63Swords DanceNormalNone--30--Raises the user's Attack by two stages.

Learnable TMs Moves

These are the Technical Machines (TM) Moves that Kabutops can Learn.

TM1HeadbuttNormalPhysical7015100%Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
TM5RestPsychicNone--10--User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.
TM7ProtectNormalNone--10--prevents any attacks targeted at the user from striking, for the duration of the turn. It has priority +4 so will activate before most other moves.
TM8SubstituteNormalNone--10--Transfers 1/4 of the user's max HP into a doll, protecting the user from further damage or status changes until it breaks.
TM9ReflectPsychicNone--20--Reduces damage from physical attacks by half.
TM10DigGroundPhysical8010100%User digs underground, dodging all attacks, and hits next turn.
TM12FacadeNormalPhysical7020100%deals damage, and hits with double power (140) if the user is burned, poisoned or paralyzed.
TM13Brick BreakFightingPhysical7515100%deals damage, but removes the effects of Reflect and Light Screen before attacking.
TM15Seismic TossFightingPhysical120100%Inflicts damage equal to the user's level.
TM22Rock SlideRockPhysical751090%Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
TM24X-ScissorBugPhysical8015100%deals damage with no additional effect.
TM25WaterfallWaterPhysical8015100%Has a 20% chance to make the target flinch.
TM27ToxicPoisonNone--1090%Badly poisons the target, inflicting more damage every turn.
TM29ScaldWaterSpecial8015100%deals damage and has a 30% chance of burning the target.
TM47SurfWaterSpecial9515100%Inflicts regular damage and can hit Dive users.
TM48Hyper BeamNormalSpecial150590%User foregoes its next turn to recharge.
TM49SuperpowerFightingPhysical1205100%deals damage but lowers the user's Attack and Defense by one stage each after attacking.
TM51BlizzardIceSpecial120570%Has a 10% chance to freeze the target.
TM53Mega DrainGrassSpecial4015100%Heals the user by half the damage inflicted.
TM55Ice BeamIceSpecial9510100%Has a 10% chance to freeze the target.
TM56Stealth RockRockNone--20--lays a trap of stones around the foe, which hurts Pokémon switching in to the opposing field.

Master Trainer

This Pokemon's Master Trainer is Kenji

Weak Against
Strong Against