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Red Dead Redemption 2 Steelhead Trout

Red Dead Redemption 2 Steelhead Trout
Steelhead Trout
Class Fish
Size Fish

Quick Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Steelhead Trout can be fished using a bait or lure, which you can purchase from the Bait and Tackle shop. You can cook it into a Succulent Fish meal or Mail them to Jeremy Gill for rewards.

  • Regular Weight - 4.0 - 6.0 lbs
  • Legendary Weight - 29 lbs 8 oz

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Steelhead Trout Locations

    The best lures or bait to use when fishing for Steelhead Trout in Red Dead 2.

    • Worms
    • Special River Lure

    Regular Steelhead Trout Locations

    • Found in Northern and Southern Lakes and Rivers - During Rain Weather
    RDR2 Steelhead Trout Locations

    RDR2 Legendary Steelhead Trout Locations

    Legendary Steelhead Trout are caught and sent through the mail.
    • The Legendary Steelhead Trout is hidden away by a Waterfall at the Northeast edge of the map. You can get their going North of Annesburg (Recommended: Special River Lure)
    RDR2 Legendary Steelhead Trout Locations

    Steelhead Trout

    • Steelhead Trout populations are dotted around various lakes, mostly in the south.
    • Steelhead Trout respond to many types of bait, most especially worms.
    • They are fairly large and good to eat.
    • Bigger specimens can be quite powerful and strongly resist being reeled in.
    • They are notably more active in rainy weather.
    • A few hardy fishermen in the northern Roanoke Valley claim to have seen, but never managed to catch, a Legendary Steelhead Trout.

    Locations where you can find:


    Legendary Steelhead Trout

    • The Legendary Steelhead Trout has been spotted by fishermen near Willard's Rest.
    • Like other Trout, Lake Lures and River Lures are the most successful way to catch this species of fish.
    • Trout are known for being more active during rainy weather.
    • Reports suggest that this Legendary Steelhead Trout could weigh over twenty pounds with the length of the fish reaching over fifty inches.

    Locations where you can find:


    Steelhead Trout Cooking Recipes

    Cooking recipes you can use with this animal.

    Recipe Name Regular Thyme Type Oregano Type Mint Type
    Succulent Fish Plain Succulent Fish Thyme Succulent Fish Oregano Succulent Fish Minty Succulent Fish

    Steelhead Trout Materials

    The materials you will receive from hunting and skinning an Steelhead Trout will depend on the animal quality and kill quality.

    Material Cost Kill Quality