Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses and Saddles

Welcome to our Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses and Saddles List for PS4, XBOX1, and PC. You can view the Best Horses in Red Dead 2 based on their speed and or acceleration. We will also include the saddles you can equip to your horse which will provide players with Gameplay Bonuses.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses
Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses Tier List is based on the speed and acceleration stats. This tier list will apply across all platforms this game is available on PC, XBOX1, and PS4. There are 19 breeds of horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, each of which handles differently with its own defining characteristics.

  • S Arabian
  • A Missouri Fox TrotterArdennesTurkomanAndalusian
  • B Hungarian HalfbredDutch WarmbloodAmerican PaintMustang
  • C NokotaAmerican StandardbredThoroughbred
  • D ShireSuffolk PunchBelgianAppaloosa
  • E MorganKentucky SaddlerTennessee Walker
  • F

Players can buy, sell and store horses from stables, or purchase food to keep your horse well fed. There are also Tonics that can give your horse more health or a temporary stamina boost, let’s not forget Saddles which we have more information on below.

Horse TypeDescription
RidingBelow Average Health, Stamina, Speed, Acceleration Stats
War High Health and Stamina
Low Speed and Acceleration
WorkHigh Stamina
Average Health and Speed
Low Acceleration
DraftAverage Health, Stamina, Speed, Acceleration Stats
Race High Speed and Acceleration
Low Health and Stamina
SuperiorHigh Health, Stamina, Speed, Acceleration Stats
The Best Horses in RDR2
  • Health (HP) – Determines the amount of damage your horse can take.
  • Stamina (STA) – Determines how long your horse can Gallop at full speed, jump and even swim
  • Speed (SPD) – Determines the top speed
  • Acceleration (ACC) – Determines how fast you can gain speed

You can Click/Tap the names of the Horses in the table to view their Locations, Stats and more.
American PaintGrey OveroWorkStandard5544$425.00
American PaintOveroWorkStandard3433$130.00
American PaintSplashed WhiteWorkStandard3533$140.00
American PaintTobianoWorkStandard3433$130.00
American StandardbredPalomino DappleRaceRace3354$150.00
American StandardbredSilver Tail BuckskinRaceStandard4454$400.00
American StandardbredBlackRaceRace3343$130.00
American StandardbredBuckskinRaceRace3343$130.00
AndalusianDark BayWarStandard5433$140.00
AndalusianRose GreyWarStandard7533$440.00
AppaloosaBrown LeopardWorkStandard5643$450.00
AppaloosaLeopard BlanketWorkStandard3433$130.00
ArabianRose Grey BaySuperiorElite7766$1,250.00
ArdennesBay RoanWarStandard5433$140.00
ArdennesStrawberry RoanWarStandard7533$450.00
BelgianBlond ChestnutDraftHeavy3333$120.00
BelgianMealy ChestnutDraftHeavy3333$120.00
Dutch WarmbloodChocolate RoanWorkStandard5643$450.00
Dutch WarmbloodSooty BuckskinWorkStandard4533$150.00
Dutch WarmbloodSeal BrownWorkStandard4533$150.00
Hungarian HalfbredDapple Dark GreyWarStandard5433$150.00
Hungarian HalfbredFlaxen ChestnutWarStandard4333$130.00
Hungarian HalfbredPeibald TabianoWarStandard4333$130.00
Kentucky SaddlerGreyRidingStandard3232$50.00
Kentucky SaddlerBlackRidingStandard3232$50.00
Kentucky SaddlerChestnut PintoRidingStandard3232$50.00
Kentucky SaddlerSilver BayRidingStandard3232$50.00
Missouri Fox TrotterAmber ChampagneRace, WorkStandard5675$950.00
Missouri Fox TrotterSilver Dapple PintoRace, WorkStandard5675$950.00
MorganBay RoanRidingStandard2332$55.00
MorganFlaxen ChestnutRidingStandard2332$55.00
MustangGrullo DunWar, WorkStandard4433$130.00
MustangTiger Striped BayWar, WorkStandard5543$450.00
MustangWild BayWar, WorkStandard4432$130.00
NokotaReverse Dapple RoanRaceRace3375$450.00
NokotaBlue RoanRaceRace3343$130.00
NokotaWhite RoanRaceRace3343$130.00
ShireRaven BlackDraftHeavy4432$130.00
ShireDark BayDraftHeavy4332$120.00
ShireLight GreyDraftHeavy4332$120.00
Suffolk PunchRed ChestnutDraftHeavy3432$120.00
Suffolk PunchSorrelDraftHeavy3432$120.00
Tennessee WalkerMahogany BayRidingStandard3422$60.00
Tennessee WalkerDapple Dark GreyWarStandard5433$150.00
Tennessee WalkerRed RoanRidingStandard3322$60.00
Tennessee WalkerFlaxen RoanRidingStandard4533$150.00
Tennessee WalkerBlack RabicanoRidingStandard3322$60.00
Tennessee WalkerChestnutRidingStandard3322$60.00
Tennessee WalkerDapple BayRidingStandard3322$60.00
ThoroughbredBlood BayRaceRace3343$130.00
ThoroughbredDapple GreyRaceRace3343$130.00
TurkomanGoldRace, WarStandard7565$950.00
TurkomanSilverRace, WarStandard7565$950.00

How To Increase Horse Bonding Level

There are various ways in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can increase Horse Bonding Levels.

  1. Calming your horse, give it a little here and there.
  2. Keep him/her clean and groomed.
  3. regularly feed and don’t let your horse starve.
  4. Lead, ride and even walking your horse will give you XP.
  5. simply traveling also does the trick.

Horse Bonding Level Rewards

As you Level up your horse, you will gain the following.

  • Increased Health and Stamina.
  • Ability to travel through difficult areas and deeper water.
  • Increases the distance you can call your horse.

Thanks to the Horse Bonding Levels your ride will gain new functions and ability you can use.

Horse Bonding LevelFunctionsControls For PS4XBOX1
Level 1N/AN/A
Level 2RearWhen stationary press R1 + tap Square / RB + tap X
Level 3Skid Turn
Skid Stop
When moving hold R1 + X / RB + A = Skid Turns
When moving hold R1 + Square RB + X = Skid Stop
Level 4Piaffe
Hold Square / X
When Stationary = Piaffing
When Moving = Drifting

Saddles are your main horse upgrade and will provide the biggest stat bonuses.

SaddleCore Stamina DrainCore HP DrainStamina RegenCost
Lumley Ranch Cutter (Regular)+4%+8%+6%$45.00
Lumley Ranch Cutter (Upgraded)+12%+14%+14%$75.00
Kneller Dakota (Regular)+8%+4%+6%$43.00
Kneller Dakota (Upgraded)+16%+12%+14%$72.00
Kneller Mother Hubbard (Regular)+4%+6%+4%$39.00
Kneller Mother Hubbard (Upgraded)+12%+14%+12%$65.00
Lumley McClelland (Regular)+6%+4%+4%$42.00
Lumley McClelland (Upgraded)+14%+12%+12%$70.00
Stenger Roping (Regular)+4%+10%+8%$47.00
Stenger Roping (Upgraded)+12%+18%+16%$78.00
Gerden Vaquero (Regular)+8%+6%+8%$51.00
Gerden Vaquero (Upgraded)+16%+14%+16%$85.00
Gerden Trail (Regular)+10%+4%+8%$48.00
Gerden Trail (Upgraded)+18%+12%+16%$80.00

Horse Stirrups
Stirrups are mostly used to increase the Speed and Acceleration of Horses.

StirrupSpeed & AccelerationCore DrainCost
Hooded Stirrup+2+50%$36.00
Tapaderos Stirrup+2+45%$32.50
Safety Stirrup+2+40%$30.25
Bell Stirrup+2+35%$28.50
Oxbow Stirrup+1+30%$24.75
Belled Oxbow Stirrup+1+25%
Deep Roper Stirrup+1+20%$20.00
Slim-line Stirrup+1+15%$18.50
Slim-line Iron Stirrup0+10%
Baroque Stirrup0+5%$12.50
Fillies Stirrup00$10.00

Trapper Saddles
You can have the trapper craft you these Saddles, you can also click the Links in the name to find the Materials you will need

Saddle NameCost
Alligator Ranch Cutter SaddlePerfect Alligator Skin x1
Rattlesnake Vaquero SaddlePerfect Snake Skin x10
Panther Trail SaddlePerfect Panther Pelt x1
Boar Mother Hubbard SaddlePerfect Boar Pelt x1
Bear Dakota SaddlePerfect Bear Pelt x1
Beaver Roping SaddlePerfect Beaver Pelt x1
Cougar McClelland SaddlePerfect Cougar Pelt x1

Saddle Bags
Saddle Bags help your horse carry more items.

Saddle BagsCost
Regular Saddle Bag$12.00
Upgraded Saddle Bag$40.00

These are Horse Items you can find or purchase to heal, revive and feed your Horse.

Horse ItemsWhat it does

Horse Reviver
Cost: $9.50
Revives Horse

Classic Oatcakes
Cost: $4
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Potent Horse Stimulant
Cost: $4
Raises Horse Stamina Moderately

Horse Stimulant
Cost: $2.50
Raises Horse Stamina Slightly

Potent Horse Medicine
Cost: $3
Raises Horse Health Moderately

Horse Medicine
Cost: $1.50
Raises Horse Health Slightly

Fresh Peach
Cost: $0.50
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Local Carrot
Cost: $0.50
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Bartlett Pear
Cost: $0.65
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Orchard Apple
Cost: $0.40
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Hand Picked Corn
Cost: $0.40
Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina

Red Dead Redemption 2 Saddles
Red Dead Redemption 2 Saddles

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Saddles Tier List. This tier list will apply across all platforms this game is available on PC, XBOX1 and PS4. Players can use Saddles in Red Dead Redemption 2 to store Weapons, Outfits, Masks, and Hats. You can also store Animal Kills depending on its size on your Horses Saddle bag.

  • S Tier Gerden Trail -Gerden Vaquero -Stenger Roping
  • A Tier Kneller Mother Hubbard -Lumley McClelland -Kneller Dakota -Rattlesnake Vaquero
  • B Tier Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle -Lumley Ranch -Cougar McClelland
  • C Tier Panther Trail -Boar Mother Hubbard -Bear Dakota -Beaver Roping
  • D Tier
  • E Tier
  • F Tier

Did You Know? By carrying the Iguana Scale in his personal Satchel, Arthur will take less damage while riding on horseback

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