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Red Dead Redemption 2 Northern Pike

Red Dead Redemption 2 Northern Pike
Northern Pike
Class Fish
Size Fish

Quick Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Northern Pike can be fished using a bait or lure, which you can purchase from the Bait and Tackle shop. You can cook it into a Flaky Fish meal or Mail them to Jeremy Gill for rewards.

  • Regular Weight - 14.0 - 20.0 lbs

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Northern Pike Locations

    The best lures or bait to use when fishing for Northern Pike in Red Dead 2.

    • River Lure

    Regular Northern Pike Locations

    • Found within Northern Rivers - During Sunny Weather
    RDR2 Northern Pike Locations

    There's currently no Legendary version of this animal.

    Northern Pike

    • Northern Pike can be found in northern rivers.
    • This large predator can prove tricky to catch, as it struggles fiercely when threatened.
    • River Lures are known to catch the Northern Pike's eye, while food baits hold no appeal.
    • They are most active when the skies are gray and overcast.
    • A massive Legendary Northern Pike is supposed to exist, or have existed, somewhere in the Grizzlies.

    Locations where you can find:


    Legendary Northern Pike

    • The Legendary Northern Pike can be found in the waters near O'Creagh's Run.
    • Special Lake Lures are considered to be the best way to attract this fish.
    • Like other Pike, this fish becomes more active when the weather is overcast and gray.
    • Locals have estimated the size of this Legendary Pike to be around fifty inches long and weighing in at over forty pounds.

    Locations where you can find:


    Northern Pike Cooking Recipes

    Cooking recipes you can use with this animal.

    Recipe Name Regular Thyme Type Oregano Type Mint Type
    Flaky Fish Plain Flaky Fish Thyme Flaky Fish Oregano Flaky Fish Minty Flaky Fish

    Northern Pike Materials

    The materials you will receive from hunting and skinning an Northern Pike will depend on the animal quality and kill quality.

    Material Cost Kill Quality