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Red Dead Redemption 2 Hungarian Halfbred

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hungarian Halfbred
Hungarian Halfbred

Quick Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hungarian Halfbreds are strong war horses. This War horse on average has good Health and Stamina stats, but low Speed and Acceleration. Where to find The Dapple Dark Grey, Flaxen Chestnut, Peibald Tabiano Hungarian Halfbred Locations, Cost and Stats will depend on its coat type.

Hungarian Halfbred Stats for all coat types of this horse.

Dapple Dark GreyWarStandard5433$150.00
Flaxen ChestnutWarStandard4333$130.00
Peibald TabianoWarStandard4333$130.00

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hungarian Halfbred Locations

Where to find Hungarian Halfbred Locations for every Coat.

Dapple Dark GreyValentine Stable - After Chapter 2
Flaxen ChestnutCaught in the wild
Peibald TabianoCaught in the wild

Hungarian Halfbred

  • Hungarian Halfbreds are strong war horses.
  • The Flaxen Chestnut and Piebald Tobiano are found in the wild, while the Dapple Dark Gray is purchasable from a stable.
  • Their Stamina levels are good, with average Speed and Acceleration.
  • Their fearless nature makes them great for combat.
  • They can be identified by their large frame and noble head.
  • They handle well but are less healthy than other war horses.
  • Wild Hungarian Half-Breeds can be found in the Heartlands among other habitats.
  • Hungarian Halfbred horse are renowned for its fearlessness making them perfect for loud and dangerous situations.

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