Valorant Weapons List

When it comes to making a decision on what weapon you should buy with your credits, having a Valorant Weapon Stats list will come in handy. Lucky for us Riot’s in-game UI helps display most of the information and the rest you can find here.


Valorant Weapon Stats

The list below will display important valorant weapon damage stats based on the type of armor the target you are shotting at has (No Armor, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor). You can also click/tap the weapon images to view more information including Fire Rate and Magazine Capacity.

  •  Head – Damage dealt to the Head from the weapon.
  • Body – Damage dealt to the Body/Torso from the weapon.
  • Leg/Arm – Damage dealt to the Legs or Arms from the weapon.
  •  Fire Rate – Rate of fire (how many bullets per second).
  • Wall Penetration – Wall Penetration power.
  • No Armor – Regular base damage dealt with weapon.
  • Light Armor – Reduced damage dealt to players with Light Armor Equipped.
  • Heavy Armor – Further reduced damage dealt to players with Heavy Armor Equipped.