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Tactical Knife Valorant

Valorant Tactical Knife
Valorant Tactical Knife is a Melee weapon type and is Free at the start of the round. This weapon has two firing modes, first is fast slashing that deals less damage. The second is a jab motion that will do more damage than the first, and you can also deal even more damage from behind with the Tactical Knife. Landing a killing blow with the Tactical Knife will reward you with even more credits for the kill.
Tactical Knife
  • Type: Melee
  • Cost: Free

Tactical Knife Stats

List of Damage Stats for Tactical Knife in Valorant.

VS Head Body Leg
No Armor
Light Armor
Heavy Armor

Tactical Knife Skins

List of Tactical Knife Weapon Skin Images. You can Click/Tap the image to view the skin more in-depth.

Agents good with Tactical Knife in Valorant

List of Agents that are good with Tactical Knife weapon in Valorant, based their ability and playstyle.

Character Ability 1 Ability 2 Signature Ultimate

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