Valorant Best Weapons Tier List

This is a Best Weapons Tier List for Valorant, here we rank every weapon in the games based on the current patch meta. We also included some additional stats for each gun listed below in the Valorant Tier List, stats such as Head, Body and Leg/arm Damage per bullet.


Valorant Best Weapons Tier List Explanation

  • S Tier – (Best) Highest ranking Weapons in our Valorant Tier List.
  • A Tier – (Strong) Very strong choice, but not as powerful as S Tier Guns.
  • B Tier – (Good) Solid pick and can be viable in the hands of a skilled player.
  • C Tier – (Average) The middle of the pack neither good nor bad.
  • D Tier – (Below Average) Slightly on the weaker side of an average pick.
  • E Tier – (Weak) Underpowered choice and wouldn’t recommend.
  • F Tier – (Worst) The lowest ranking choice in this Weapon Tier List.

Best Weapons To Use in Valorant

We rank the Best Weapons To Use in Valorant based on its damage and the current patch meta, this Valorant Tier List will be updated as more information becomes available.

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