Valorant Best Defending Agents and Defender Team Comps

Welcome to our Best Defender Tier List for Valorant, we will rank what we consider to be the Best Agents for defending any site on the map from an attacker. Anything from delaying the enemy team to setting up a trap or ambush will make for a great Spike Defusing/Defender in Valorant.


Valorant Best Agents For Defending

Defending against spike plants can be difficult, especially when dealing with some many abilities from enemy players, you will need every little advantage you can get. Due to certain characters having abilities such as a Spycam and the ability to raise a Wall when required, it will make for much better Defenders at any site on the map. It is essential to Defend the site since the enemy players will come to you, and with agents like Cypher, this has never been easier.

Valorant Best Defender Tier List Explanation

  • S Tier – (Best) Highest ranking Agent in our Valorant Spike Defusing Tier List.
  • A Tier – (Strong) Very strong choice, but not on the same level as S Tier Choices.
  • B Tier – (Good) Solid choice and can be viable as a Defender if used right.
  • C Tier – (Average) The middle of the pack neither good nor bad.

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C Tier


Valorant Best Team Comps for Spike Defusing

When it comes to defending any site on the map, teamwork and using critical abilities will be crucial if you want to survive the round. With a combination of the right agents, you can set up lots of obstacles that will slow down the attacking team, or maybe you want to set up a massive Trap/Ambush. Either way, you will have options, and with the Defender Team Comps below, you will have a higher chance of surviving the incoming attack.

You can Click/Tap any image below to view the complete guide of information.
C Tier
Average Team Comps

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