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Zenyatta is an offensive support hero that can be tough to counter. He can weaken you from using his orb of discord allowing you to easily be killed by him. Finding the right zenyatta counters like Widowmaker can make a large impact in game. It’s pretty easy to land a head shot on Zen, due to his lack of mobility he can be predicted. Hanzo also does really well against him, theres’s alot more zenyatta counters then you may think. He has one of the lowest base health bars in game next to Tracer.

Zenyatta Hero Counters

Often times, when you vs good players who are playing this hero, they are aware of how to stay out of danger and out of the scope of Widowmaker players. This leaves you with using a Genji or McCree to counter zenyatta close range.

It’s ideal to pair him with Symmetra to create a really strong back line. It may be a bit hard to reach and counter zenyatta but if you manged to you’ll easily be able to out damage him with Reaper. Forcing him to use his ultimate would be very ideal especially during payload objectives.

Overwatch Zenyatta Counters

Heath: 50 • Armor: 100 • Role: Support • Difficulty: Hard

Zenyatta Counters

Strong AgaisntWeak Against
Soldier 76

Zenyatta Hero Counters

Zenyatta Counters
Heroes Zenyatta Is Strong Against

Strong Match-Ups

Mercy CounterLucio CounterSymmetra Counter

Zenyatta Counters
Heroes Zenyatta Is Weak Against
Weak Match-Ups

Widowmaker CounterReaper CounterTracer CounterGenji CounterMcCree CounterHanzo CounterSoldier 76 CounterWinston CounterPharah CounterRoadhog Counter

Zenyatta Hero Counter Notes:

  • Widowmaker: Seen as one of the best zenyatta counters due to her ability to easily snipe him out during crucial team fights when he’s forced to reveal himself.


  • Tracer: With her very quick movement she is able to assassinate him quick, this is an excellent zenyatta counter.


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