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Red Dead Redemption 2 Rolling Block Rifle

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rolling Block Rifle
Rolling Block Rifle

Quick Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rolling Block Rifle is a Sniper Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting Medium and Large Animals. This weapons best stats are Accuracy 3.5/4 (Best) and Accuracy 3.5/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Rate of Fire 1.2/4 (Weak).

You can attach components like Iron Sights, Scopes, Stocks, Wraps.

Rolling Block Rifle Stats and Gunsmith cost

DamageRangeFiring RateReloadAccruacyCost$187

Animal sizes you should hunt with the Rolling Block Rifle

Rolling Block Rifle

  • This gun is a single-shot weapon, and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive rifle ammo.
  • With multiple telescopic sights available in different zoom levels, a sharpshooter can eliminate a target from afar and gain the element of surprise.
  • Designed for hunting large beasts, the Litchfield Rolling Block is a powerful long scoped rifle designed for long-range combat.
  • A powerful and accurate long scoped rifle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rolling Block Rifle How to Get

Locations where you can find Rolling Block Rifle.

NameHow to unlock
Rolling Block RifleAfter you complete “Pouring Forth Oil”, Chapter 2 - Available at all Gunsmiths

Rolling Block Rifle Ammunition

Rolling Block Rifle ammo types.

Ammo Types
Regular Cartridge
High Velocity Cartridge
Split Point Cartridge
Express Cartridge
Explosive Cartridge

Ammo Crafting

Recipe NameIngredientsWhere to findDescription
Split Point Cartridge– 1x Hunting Knife – 1x Regular CartridgeReceived at the start of Chapter 2+ 5 Damage | + 10 Accuracy
Explosive Cartridge– 1x Express Cartridge – 1x Animal FatReceived at the start of Chapter 2+ 25 Damage | Explosive Effect

Rolling Block Rifle Components

Weapon modifications you can purchase at the Gunsmith to improve your weapon stats and performance.


Rifling ModsEffectCost

Iron Sights

Iron SightsEffectCost
Stock SightsNone$0.00
Improved SightsImproves Accuracy$5.00

Weapon Scopes

No ScopeNone$0.00
Short ScopeImproves Range, and adds Scope$15.00
Medium ScopeImproves Range, and adds Scope$5.00


Basic GrainN/A$0.00
Straight GrainStyle$14.00
Wide GrainStyle$20.00


No WrapNone$0.00
WrapAdds Leather Wrap to Stock$10.00

Rolling Block Rifle Styles

Weapon customizations you can purchase at the Gunsmith to change the look of your best weapons.




EngravingBaseArt NouveauOrnamentalBaroqueVictorian




Stock StyleHazelnutOliveWalnutPebbleTobaccoBrick RedChestnutChocolate


Stock StyleBocoteDark RosewoodMahoganyBubingaBlack WalnutCocoboloEbonyBirchWalnutMapleMesquiteMyrtleDark WalnutRosewoodWild CherryBright Maple