Pokemon Lets GO Shawn
Shawn Master Trainer
Trainer Type
Money Reward

Shawn's Pokemon is Level 75 and will use Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nasty Plot, Hyper Beam, Moves in battle. Its weak against Fighting, Type Moves, once you defeat this trainer in battle, you will receive $400 money and the Persian Master Trainer Title.

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Where To Find Persian Master Trainer in Pokemon Lets Go

You can find the Persian Master Trainer Shawn in the Celadon - Team Rocket's Hideout - B4 Zone.

Celadon - Team Rocket's Hideout - B4

The Pokemon Lets Go Master Trainer Shawn Pokemon, Level, and Moves that are used. We have provided the pokemon's type weakness, which allows you to see what move type they are weak against and choose the best moves to have versus Persian Master Trainer Shawn.

Encounter 1
Pokemon Moves
Pokemon Let's GO Persian
Persian (Lv75)
Dream Eater
Nasty Plot
Hyper Beam
Weak To
Resistant To